• Acting as a “translator” between scientists and lawyers to assure patent applications are accurate, complete, protect what the inventor intended and even suggest how the claims might be broadened.

  • Using its network of patent attorneys and patent agents to progress (“prosecute”) patent applications at an affordable price.

  • Searching for out-licensing opportunities, contacting potential licensees and negotiating deals.

  • Finding uses for intellectual property beyond your business (extending the market opportunity), monitoring the industry for infringement and managing attorneys responsible for patent portfolios.

  • Researching business opportunities and preparing plans – from detailed business plans that investors can believe to tactical and strategic plans that management can implement.

  • Helping you to market your product, conducting market research to define your opportunities and writing "white papers" highlighting your business's selling points.

  • Scoping the patent landscape to navigate issues involving Freedom to Operate, advising you how to avoid claim and, if necessary, negotiating in-licensing deals in your best interest.

  • Developing intellectual property strategies that work for your business.

    Synapses is not a team of expensive lawyers, billing you for the time they take to learn your science and technology.
    Synapses does not give legal advice.
    Synapses' job is not to get you a patent at any cost and of arguable usefulness.
    Synapses gives useful, strategic, business advice for the Life Science market to help you succeed!

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