Principles of Alchemy(Chemistry)

AIR - sample

Thank you for your interest in receiving a sample of "Principles of Alchemy (Chemistry)". Below are your instructions for collecting this "mini-hypertextbook".

Collect your mini-hypertextbook by clicking here.

Choose "Save File". Remember where you download the file (about 0.3 MB).

Create a specific (new) directory. Name the directory whatever you want ("minialch" is a good name) but avoid burying it too deeply in long chains of subfolders (because some computers have difficulties with long names).
To extract the mini-hypertextbook, "double click" (or "run") "". A dialogue box will then walk you through the extraction. Be sure it extracts into the directory you made for it.

Some folks get confused here so let me repeat the important points while adding some additional information. When run, "" will extract 66 files (10 htm files, 55 gif files and 1 ico file) totaling 534 KB to the directory of your choice. Note the directory into which it was extracted. (Be sure you extract it into the directory that you want it in.) Running the file "" ONLY opens (extracts) the files. RUNNING the files, once they are extracted, is different and is described below.

Once you have the book extracted or unzipped, start your book by viewing "alchemy1.htm" (NOT "") with your web browser set to autoload images, and with javascript and cookies enabled. (These are usually the browser's default settings.) I suggest you then bookmark it ("alchemy1.htm") so it is easier to find later.

Please read the End User License Agreement. The link to it is found at the top and bottom of each page (and is called "splash.htm").

That should do it!

You can save (store) the "" file.


(Dr Jamie Love)